How to become a ophthalmic laboratory technician?

Becoming ophthalmic laboratory technician requires a degree in bachelor in ophthalmology and other advance level diploma programs to become a trained ophthalmologist. The basic requirements to pursue this course is physics, chemistry and biology at the inter school level or senior secondary.

The role of the ophthalmic laboratory technicians is to cerate eyeglasses as prescribed by the doctors and medical professionals. These technicians are well versed in understanding the technicalities which are required to make powered focal lenses for better vision. Although the development in the field of medical sciences has produced machines which have automated the eyeglasses making procedure but the human role cannot be neglected in crafting customized eyewears.

Adequate training is required to understand the vital and necessary facts related to develop standard eyewear. Various degree courses such as bachelor in Ophthalmology (BOPT) are run by state and government run institutions to cater to the ever-growing demand of these medical professionals. Although the role is defined to develop eyewear they are one who takes care of the vital aspects such as size of the lenses, frame weight and other simple aspects which are necessary to make eyewear

The courses which are offered by these institutions span over for a period of 3to 4 years and some colleges also offer a diploma courses which are scheduled for 1 year. The basic skill set required to get into this stream is a acumen to work in a medical field which is out of the perimeters of hospitals and subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology.

The job market scenario for the professionals who are working or undergoing in this field has seen a spurt of growth in coming years and more positions are going to happen as the hectic life style and increasing loss of the eyesight of the persons due to malnutrition and other aspects have surged the demand of the eyewear. Many companies which are in the field of offering contact lenses and crystal clear glasses also offer jobs to the candidates who are trained in ophthalmology.

The opening of retail chains by the big brands who in the field of building lenses also offer opportunities to the candidates to join as specialist who can cater to the requirement of the customers in developing customized eyewear as prescribed by the eye surgeon. These candidates can also undergo trainings under the various experienced ophthalmologist who are positioned in various government and non government hospitals.

The salary and the perks of these technicians differ in terms of the country and state served as all countries have different licensing criteria to work. The over all salary of these professionals is enough to sustain a healthy and respectful life. The working requires a person to be sitting in a back room and create specific lenses which can be tad boring as it doesn’t offer ant socializing opportunity and one remains surrounded by machines and equipments. The job profile is fulfilling for the people as they are helping the society to see the beautiful world clearly again.


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