How to become an MRI Technician?

Becoming a MRI technician require a formal certificate training in radiography or a bachelors degree in radiography. The MRI which stands for magnetic resonance imaging is used for imaging the human body to diagnose various problems. The MRI technician job is filed with high level of occupational diseases as they work in magnetic conditions for long hours.

A MRI technician requires accurate knowledge and skills of the physical anatomy, physics, pathology, radiology and patient handling to generate clear images which are accurate to diagnose the disease and complications.

MRI technicians require having adequate knowledge of the radiographic machines use and maintenance as these are the equipments one has to handle to generate images. These technicians are required to follow the instructions of the physicians who are examining the patients and maneuver the machine accordingly to get a proper imaging. The MRI technology is used to build a 2 dimensional or 3 dimension image of the tissue, lumps or cysts which are formed in the body.

To pursue the MRI technician course one has to study anatomy, biology, chemistry physics, microbiology and physiology at the school levels. Most of the colleges offer a 1 year certificate course in MRI technology. One can also go for higher education and pursue a bachelor’s degree which offers study of various radiology imaging. Most of these college offer on board training to the candidates in the field of MRI imaging which can be done under various skilled and experience MRI technicians who are deployed in various hospitals and diagnostics center.

The job scenario after completion of the course is very bright as the diagnostics and analyzing of the disease at the starting level is very much in need to understand the various complications and heal it at the early stages. Proper imaging of the human body helps the physicians and medical professional to asses the complications easily.

Various hospitals, clinics and diagnostic and imaging centers offer jobs to the technician who are skilled to handle the machines which are use din the imaging process. The growth of the medical sector to cater to the complications in day to day life has opened new arena to these technicians to try there skill set.

The job of MRI technicians can be demanding in term of work as it requires remaining inside a room where equipments which have high magnetic wavelength are fitted. Regular exposure to this machinery without safety measures can lead to fatal medical problems. The challenges which are offered by this job are high and technicians who become skilled in using the machines effectively and its maintenance as per the usages are in high demand all over the medical sector.

So if you are looking to enter into the medical sector and help in the process of analysis and treatment of diseases at the start up level and ready to take the challenges head on then working as MRI technician can prove to a satisfying jobs. Lead the imaging and diagnostic segment in medical industry being a MRI technician.


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