How to become a dietitian?

Becoming a Dietician requires a certificate registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the certifying agency of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). Dietitians are health care professionals who are responsible for healthy living by providing balanced diet with proper nourishment for the patients or customers

So how do you become a Dietitian?

The US Department of labor will approve an individual as �Registered Dieticians� only if they have a certificate approved by American Dietetic Association (ADA) and have a Bachelor�s Degree in any of the subject related to dietetics, food related to management system services, or any field related to food or a Master�s Program.

In addition to this the individual should pass national registration examination. Before the exam the dieticians should complete atleast 1200 hours of practical experience through an accredited program. Once the individual have a degree in dietetics, completed an internship and have passed the national registration program and been approved by the US government the individual can be recognized nationally as a �Registered Dietician�.

The Specialization area in dietics includes

A Management Dietician: The one who is responsible for planning a meal in large quantities. They should provide a healthy meal to their patients, customers. They work in hospitals, Offices, Schools etc.

A Clinical Dietician: These dieticians work in hospitals giving suggestions to the patients as how to maintain the weight in order to avoid the risk of health problems like heart diseases and any related health issues, as this is the major problem faced by the people of today�s generation.

A Consultant Dietician: Dietitians can work individually by setting up a consultancy and give suggestions to the public who consult them.

A Community Dietician: These work with a wide variety of people forming a community and providing them ways to stay healthy with a proper diet. these work in health agencies and so on.

In addition to the above there are many more areas to expertise in dietetics. In order to become a dietician first have a research in all these areas and choose the interested area or the related field.

With the increased interest in living healthy lifestyle or maintaining the body weight or the physique of the people the demand for dietitians is being increased day by day in the present era. As now a day as many of them are facing obesity problem this can be solved only through Dietitians. The victims of obesity have to follow strict diet given by the dieticians and also have day to day exercise which will be suggested by dietitians. This is a very important aspect so that the victims do not have further health risks such as heart attacks due to fat in future.

These Dieticians have a good future in today�s society and can work both in the private and the public sectors or at least if they do not get a good start they can start their own consultancy which can be an added advantage.

It all goes to show the importance of the job of dietician which has a very good potential.


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