How to become a clinical laboratory technician?

Becoming a clinical laboratory technician requires a bachelors degree in medical technology which is offered by various universities and colleges throughout the world. Bachelor of Science in medical and lab technology and clinical sciences, bachelors in microbiology are some of the major streams which are necessary to undertake a career as clinical laboratory technicians.

The basic job profile of the clinical laboratory technicians includes the analysis and diagnosis of patient's sample. The medical treatment of patient requires various steps in which the diagnosis of the samples of the patient like blood sample, tissue sample, stool sample and other body fluids is necessary to understand the scope of the disease. Each clinical laboratory technician is well trained in handling this job of analysis of patient�s body basics.

Acumen to pursue medical stream and love for subjects like biology, microbiology, chemistry and other allied subjects can be handy if someone is looking to enroll for the clinical laboratory technicians. One doesn�t end up just working as sample analyzer but they can also pursue higher degree courses which can help them to join the research areas under the supervision of expert doctors and scientists who are developing new forms of treatment or medicine.

One just has to undergo a medical laboratory technician, clinical laboratory training or a degree in biological sciences which spans over 3 to 4 years. These degree courses are approved by the medical council of the countries and offer a wide spectrum of research based methodology to teach the budding student about the various complexity one faces in the work environment.

Internship of 6 month to 1 year is provided by the institute in which these students undergo training in pharmaceutical firms, diagnosis labs, hospital and clinics where they are taught from start to end the procedure of diagnosis, analysis, testing and assisting to the patient in emergency situation.

After completion of the degree they are offered specific licenses in some countries to operate as trained medical technicians and offer services to the patients. The job field in this stream is wide open as the number of patients is increasing and number of medical professional over per 1000 people is widening up. A doctor is unable to reach the major portion of the patients and he can diagnose the ailments if he gets a proper input and medical history from someone who is trained in this field and clinical laboratory technician can provide the upfront medical data for treatment.

One can join various super specialty hospitals, emergency services and various private labs which offer timely diagnosis services. The lucrative job is also tedious as one has to deal with the accurate data and sample and prescription which are necessary for some one to be alive and be on a support system.

Clinical laboratory technicians have also contributed in major research which have been made in the field of the medical history and treatment of cancer, stem cell research are some of the most prominent ones.


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