How to become an audiologist?

Audiology refers to the medical science related to hearing. A professional audiologist is trained to diagnose and give treatment to medical conditions related to hearing. There are other conditions like balance disorders which are closely connected with one another. Let us look at the ways and means of qualifying for professional Audiologist. Generally, it is easy to become audiologist by enrolling in reputed and accredited college that offers online course in Audiology.

Candidate aspiring to be an Audiologist must realize that it needs acquiring theoretical knowledge and clinical aspects which may take few years. It is also necessary to have good interpersonal skills as a successful audiologist needs to have a good communication with the patients. Finally audiologist may have to work in large hospitals, state and health departments, and clinics or make a private practice. It is necessary for audiologists to get trained in anatomy and physiology cochlear implants, hearing aids, electrophysiology, counseling and sign language and neurology etc as all these knowledge areas and technological developments in the form of new devices.

Audiologists may have one of these several qualifications like MSc (Audiology), PhD, and AuD. But if you have a goal of becoming Audiologist much earlier you can start quite early in that direction. Excellent academic records certainly help to get admitted to the university where you can get the undergraduate degree that leads to becoming an Audiologist. You must also get high grades in biology, physics and chemistry that will help you to get admitted to these medical disciplines.

It is necessary to have 4 years bachelors degree in science. Many opt for communication science, biochemistry or biology which will let you get in to Audiology courses. Choice of relevant subjects in undergraduate level is very important, as some of the universities have specific criteria for the selection for the course of Audiologists.

The next step is to obtain a Maters degree in Audiology. There are varied standards and selection criteria for the Masters degree in Audiology by different universities. Some of the institutes have high standards and exacting requirements in the performance level in the qualifying degrees. You must realize that in order to get admission into such reputed institutes you must do very well in the undergraduate level. Usually Masters degree is completed in two years.

The next step is to obtain the doctorate degree in which is mandated since 2007 in US. There are more that seventy doctorate programs in audiology in US. Hands-on experience as an ear doctor is the next requirement for becoming an Audiologist. You must have completed 300 to 375 hours of supervised training in a specialized audiology setting. It is also necessary to have nine months of clinical experience as ear doctor. These two requirements are needed before you are allowed to take licensure examination to practice as Audiologist.

When you complete the examination successfully, you are required to take a national examination conducted by Educational Testing Service that will finally make you reach your goal of becoming a professional Audiologist.


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